Jaap Kuper
forest management and nature conservation


Jaap Kuper, former director of Het Loo Royal Forest Estate in the Netherlands is active as consultant on sustainable forest management, ecological restoration, nature development, and biodiversity issues, all over the world.

The sorts of questions he deals with on a daily basis are:

• How can we make our forest area more natural and manage it sustainably?

• Our nature conservation project has been running for two years now. How can we measure what we’ve achieved?

• Can you arrange coaching for the staff of our nature conservation project, who are enthusiastic but inexperienced?

• If we opt for ecological restoration of our tropical forest, what could we achieve?

• We need to stop the villagers here in Zambia from suffering crop damage from the wildlife we want to protect. How can nature conservation be combined with sustainable development?

• We’d like to produce sustainable timber and obtain FSC certification. What’s the best way of arranging this?

• Despite the good opportunities for nature conservation and associated economic benefits, our project is failing to deliver. What must we do to remedy this?

• We’d like our forest to be biodiverse, but we also need to harvest timber from it. How much timber may we harvest?

• How do we set up an ecological network to increase biodiversity?

Do you need such advice on forest or nature management from a consultant with much international experience? A consultant who’s used to unravelling complex issues and who’s realistic? A pragmatist, equally at home in the office and in the field, able to improve your staff’s performance? Jaap Kuper is your man. Read on for more information about him.