Jaap Kuper
forest management and nature conservation


Name : Jacob (Jaap) Hendrik Kuper

Date of birth : 6 November 1946

Place of birth : Amsterdam

Nationality : Dutch

University education

1994: PhD thesis “Sustainable development of Scots pine forests”. The development of a forest management system based on ecological restoration. Using this system, degraded and logged forest can develop towards indigenous multipurpose high forest.

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1974: MSc degree in Forestry and Nature Management, Wageningen Agricultural University.


Work experience

1978-2013: Director of the Royal Forest Estate Het Loo, the Netherlands,
1978-1984: management of the estate, forests, flora and fauna,
1984-1994: development of system for restoring degraded forests,
1994-2013: implementation of the restoration system, awarded FSC certification in 1997, and general management of the estate.

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1978: member of the multidisciplinary mission of IUCN/FAO/UNEP, preparing “Conservation for Thailand – Policy Guidelines”, responsible for the sections on Ecosystem Management within the Protected Area System, and Species Management.

1976-1977: Regional wildlife and national parks officer, FAO regional office, Bangkok, Thailand; responsible for information exchange and management advice.

1974-1976: wildlife research officer, Chinzombo Research Station, Luangwa Valley, Zambia; responsible for research on impact of elephants on their habitat, elephant and rhinoceros census, preparation of the management plan for the South Luangwa National Park.


Short-term consultancies for over 25 projects, worldwide.

The main themes of the consultancies included:

• Project coaching
• Project evaluation
• Strategic project planning
• Integrated sustainable development
• Sustainable forest management
• Rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems
• Protected Area and buffer zone management
• Biodiversity conservation.

Board memberships

Member of a series of commissions, boards and advisory committees, including the World Commission on Protected Areas of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, the Board of Pro Silva Europe.

Through these memberships Jaap Kuper has access to an excellent and extensive network of professionals.